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 hawaiian escape 

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Hawaiian Escape

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with our pizza topped with juicy pineapple, savory plant-based ham, and a blend of flavors that will whisk you away to the islands.

Want to learn more? 

"Hawaiian Escape Pizza: A Tropical Journey at Pizza Bae" ​ Nestled within the bustling ovens of Pizza Bae, a slice of tropical paradise was being crafted - the Hawaiian Escape Pizza. This isn't just a pizza; it's a voyage to the vibrant heart of Hawaii, a culinary escapade encapsulating the island's spirit and flavors. ​ The Concept: The inception of the Hawaiian Escape Pizza at Pizza Bae was inspired by a desire to transcend traditional pizza boundaries. The aim was to create a pizza that doesn’t just tantalize the taste buds but also transports the diner to the sunny shores and lush landscapes of Hawaii. ​ The Flavor Expedition: The essence of the Hawaiian Escape Pizza lies in its harmonious blend of sweet and savory. Each ingredient is meticulously chosen to evoke the essence of Hawaii. The pizza features juicy, sweet pineapple chunks, a symbol of the island's bountiful and exotic nature, paired with a delicate balance of cheeses and a selection of aromatic herbs. ​ The Artful Composition: At the heart of the Hawaiian Escape Pizza is Pizza Bae's signature hollow deep-dish crust, light yet satisfying, forming the perfect foundation. Onto this, a layer of rich, tangy tomato sauce is spread, followed by generous toppings of pineapple, a sprinkling of specially selected herbs, and a blend of cheeses that melt into a perfect symphony of flavors. ​ The Sensory Experience: Each bite of the Hawaiian Escape Pizza is an exploration of contrasts – the sweetness of the pineapple against the savory depth of the cheese and herbs, all coming together in a celebration of taste. It's like a warm Hawaiian breeze in every slice, a momentary getaway in the midst of a busy life. ​ A Pizza for All Seasons: Whether it's a chilly winter evening or a warm summer night, the Hawaiian Escape Pizza brings a touch of tropical warmth to any occasion. It's a pizza that breaks the monotony, offering a unique taste adventure that's both comforting and exciting. ​ The Invitation: At Pizza Bae, we extend an invitation to embark on this tropical journey. The Hawaiian Escape Pizza is more than just a meal; it's a sensory escape to the heart of Hawaii. Order now and let us transport you to the islands, where every bite is a taste of paradise.

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